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Hari Menon Digital provides ethical white hat SEO services in Brisbane.

Are you unable to make your website more visible to your target consumers or are wondering why competitors’ websites are ranking as leading websites on popular search engines like Google & Bing?

Quite often, it is because you have not optimized your site for the search engines, or even worse, hired a cheap SEO agency in the past who implemented low-quality SEO strategies causing damage to your website rankings.

Now, you probably found this page after searching for SEO in Brisbane. You might be wondering how we’ve managed to get ranked at the top. Read on through to learn more.

how we help businesses

We’ll help you get your website on to the first page of Google and put you in front of more customers on the Internet.

Website Audit

We will perform a full website audit of your site to help diagnose weak areas and highlight strengths. This first look at your site’s successes and weaknesses will then help direct our strategy and priorities moving forward.

Competitor Analysis/Research

We will do thorough competitor analysis/research of your most successful competitors to see what strategies we need to use to help your site match and outrun theirs.

Link Building

Your website needs links strategically placed throughout the Internet that send consumers back to your site. This indicates authority and relevance to search engines and puts you at the top of relevant searches.

We will develop a link building strategy to ensure that your site has quality, valuable links from other quality sites linking back to it.

Site Optimization

More website traffic won’t matter for your business if your website is complicated, slow, and difficult to navigate.

That is why a part of our services are to ensure that your website is organized, easy to navigate, and creates an optimized user-end experience.

Worry-Free Contracts

Month-to-month contracts. We do not lock you into long-term contracts.

If you’re paying for results and a company doesn’t deliver,  why should you be forced to stick around?

Keyword Research

We identify what keywords and phrases your ideal customers use to search for your services and products, and then develop an SEO strategy to incorporate them into your website content, blogs, social media, videos, etc.

Content Marketing

We will develop a solid content marketing strategy to help your business start producing regular fresh, well-written content online.

Quality content is what will impress readers, driving more shares and links to your content, which will increase your website’s authority and put you on search engines’ radar as a top site for your industry.

Local SEO

We understand that for most brick and mortar stores, the goal of a website is to attract online traffic that will lead to local customers showing up at your store.

As such, we know how to hone in on SEO strategies that draw relevant, local traffic by improving and adding your business to local online listings, creating profiles and reporting on customer review sites, and getting your site to show up on directories and maps.

Regular Reporting 

We understand that paying professionals for a service can feel like a risk, especially if there is not tangible evidence of the benefit of the service.

That is why at Hari Menon Digital, we provide regular, in-depth reports to show you what we’ve done and the tangible results in site visits, clicks, conversions and more.

What Does SEO Marketing Mean?

Search engine optimization, that is SEO, is a marketing strategy used by businesses to rank higher on search engines, more so rank on the first page.

These marketing strategies include link building, web design, press coverage, premium content marketing and keyword optimization to enhance the value and authority of a given website.

Most businesses don’t require all types of SEO strategies to succeed. Thus, it’s very important to assess the strategies that would be most suitable for your line of business.

At Hari Menon Digital, we are experts and professionals at understanding the ideals and goals of a business and create custom SEO strategies that will rank you at the top of Google. We will also implement them for you to give you the best results.

Our proprietary SEO methods, combined with our innovation, constant research and development, have brought a lot of success to previous and current clients. These tactics also contribute towards our expertise in SEO marketing.

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Search Engine Marketing: Replacing Traditional Adverts in Brisbane

If you once used TV ads and billboards to market your company, then you are aware of the importance of getting the word out to customers. Today, Internet technologies are playing the biggest role in marketing.

It has revolutionized how marketing is done through innovative and new ways of reaching out to consumers. The Internet has made marketing easier and challenging at the same time since you have to convince consumers that they should use your product or service.

On the contrary, the Internet market is overcrowded and consumers are overwhelmed with information. They have to go through lots of data when looking for the services and products they need.

SEO has introduced a new way through which businesses can reach out to people as they hunt for what they need. SEO is a targeted means of advertising, and it is now a top marketing solution that businesses use online.

Don’t worry if you are a novice in this kind of advertising strategy. At Hari Menon Digital, we have the much needed expertise and have served clients for many years, connecting them to consumers depending on the products and services they are searching for.

We utilize our knowledge in SEO to build trust, provide information and build relationships with potential customers to increase conversion rates and sales.


Avoid Neglecting Your Search Engine Optimisation Strategies

You can easily build up your traffic and sales by partnering with Hari Menon Digital. We have a strenuous recruitment strategy in the Brisbane SEO industry.

We use a thorough recruitment process that has enabled us build a team that meets and exceeds customer expectations on any SEO project. Our experts always deliver the best results and work extra hard to make our customers happy and satisfied.

With a team made of people from different backgrounds, Hari Menon Digital is well positioned to change with the ever-evolving Internet market.

We utilize perspectives and insights from around the globe to make sure we develop innovative ways of approaching clients on the Internet market today.

Always avoid Brisbane SEO service providers that rely on cheap gimmicks and tricks to increase web traffic rapidly for a very short duration. Instead, go for a company that has the expertise to grow your organic web traffic on a long-term basis and thereby earn more revenue.

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Our SEO Process for Marketing

Working with Hari Menon Digital gives you the chance to work with a company that understands your business. Be it slightly blemished, good or bad, our team of experts are ready to assess how you do your Internet marketing.

We will audit your website to learn more about your business. During the audit process, our team will analyse your website while taking notes on what is going well and areas that require improvement.

Our interest does not lie in just changing the font style and color scheme of your website. We are more interested in details that are of more importance to search engines when ranking websites.

While other Brisbane SEO companies might not be keen about these details, we’re aware that when your site is being analyzed by the most popular search engines, it’s best doing things the right way and not cutting corners or skipping any features or details.

Here are some things that we examine during the website audit:

  • Title, meta tags, title tags, alt attributes, and page copy.
  • Navigation structure.
  • URL structure.
  • Checking for duplicate copies.
  • A/B and multivariate testing.
  • Reviewing backlinks.


We are the Leading SEO Agency in Brisbane

Hari Menon Digital has served tons of companies across a multitude of industries. We have assisted many companies, both small and large, to succeed online through our custom SEO strategies. Contact us today through 1300 783 202 and grow your business.