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Melbourne SEO Experts

Incase you’re searching for Melbourne SEO services to grow your business, then you have landed on the right page. We have been creating custom SEO strategies and implementing them for clients throughout Melbourne for many years.

Our expert SEOs in Melbourne are specialists in keyword research, off-site and on-site optimization, and content marketing strategies.

how we help businesses

We’ll help you get your website on to the first page of Google and put you in front of more customers on the Internet.

Website Audit

We will perform a full website audit of your site to help diagnose weak areas and highlight strengths. This first look at your site’s successes and weaknesses will then help direct our strategy and priorities moving forward.

Competitor Analysis/Research

We will do thorough competitor analysis/research of your most successful competitors to see what strategies we need to use to help your site match and outrun theirs.

Link Building

Your website needs links strategically placed throughout the Internet that send consumers back to your site. This indicates authority and relevance to search engines and puts you at the top of relevant searches.

We will develop a link building strategy to ensure that your site has quality, valuable links from other quality sites linking back to it.

Site Optimization

More website traffic won’t matter for your business if your website is complicated, slow, and difficult to navigate.

That is why a part of our services are to ensure that your website is organized, easy to navigate, and creates an optimized user-end experience.

Worry-Free Contracts

Month-to-month contracts. We do not lock you into long-term contracts.

If you’re paying for results and a company doesn’t deliver,  why should you be forced to stick around?

Keyword Research

We identify what keywords and phrases your ideal customers use to search for your services and products, and then develop an SEO strategy to incorporate them into your website content, blogs, social media, videos, etc.

Content Marketing

We will develop a solid content marketing strategy to help your business start producing regular fresh, well-written content online.

Quality content is what will impress readers, driving more shares and links to your content, which will increase your website’s authority and put you on search engines’ radar as a top site for your industry.

Local SEO

We understand that for most brick and mortar stores, the goal of a website is to attract online traffic that will lead to local customers showing up at your store.

As such, we know how to hone in on SEO strategies that draw relevant, local traffic by improving and adding your business to local online listings, creating profiles and reporting on customer review sites, and getting your site to show up on directories and maps.

Regular Reporting 

We understand that paying professionals for a service can feel like a risk, especially if there is not tangible evidence of the benefit of the service.

That is why at Hari Menon Digital, we provide regular, in-depth reports to show you what we’ve done and the tangible results in site visits, clicks, conversions and more.

SEO Done the Right Way- Get a Comprehensive SEO Campaign

Whether your campaign is national or local, there are tons of activities required to make it successful. We commit ourselves to cover all aspects involved in SEO campaign and never leave out any important aspect.

This makes our company a full-service and reliable SEO service provider in Melbourne.


Unmatched Transparency

Today’s SEO clients are well-informed and knowledgeable individuals. Our daily communication and reporting is detailed and clear to let you know our progress and the work we’re doing to make you assured that you’re getting what you’re hoping to achieve.

We always welcome any suggestions, questions, concerns, input and feedback from our clients.


Validated Leads

We stand out from other Melbourne SEO companies in that we use a unique system for validating leads. Rather than reporting on spam conversions and other fake leads, we look out for and report real sales leads as they happen.

This way, you can review the leads as they come in and assess your SEO marketing campaign with preciseness.

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Why You Should Hire a Professional SEO Company Like Hari Menon Digital

SEO is a rapidly evolving sector. Today, it’s changing rapidly like never before. When companies and businesses try in-house SEO campaigns, nationally or locally, they risk using outdated strategies and techniques that may sabotage the end results.

In the process, a lot of money invested in marketing can go to waste. Because Hari Menon Digital offers SEO in Melbourne, we not only focus on keeping our team of SEO experts updated about new SEO techniques, but also give them freedom and time to experiment, contribute and brainstorm on setting trends.

If you want to outdo your competitors in the highly competitive SEO marketing world, you will need to implement a marketing strategy that outsmarts your competitors and not all about outspending them.

Here are some important developments in SEO that can assist you improve your national and local visibility on search engines.

  1. Local Optimization

If you are based in Melbourne, then you will need more visibility for locally targeted keywords to enable you influence more consumers.

Regardless of the local markets you’re serving, newer local optimization strategies will assist you in outsmarting your competitors. These novel optimization strategies include:

  1. Setting up a Google+ page for your company, managing it, and keeping it updated.
  2. Utilizing structured data such that key web content will be more visible in search engine results.
  3. Obtaining citations and brand mentions.

We always focus on the most valuable activities rather than relying on old, ineffective techniques. This way, we always keep our customers happy by ensuring that their SEO campaigns improve continuously in the most crucial areas, which are:

  • Generating leads and more revenue.
  • Generating qualified web traffic.
mobile optimization and seo services melbourne
  1. Mobile-Based Optimization

Every SEO campaign, whether targeting a local, national or international market, requires a website that is friendly to mobile devices. What’s the importance of mobile optimization?

First, according to Google, 50 percent of local Internet searches have a local intent you wouldn’t want to miss. Second, Internet usage on mobile devices exceeds that of desktop users and this gap continues to widen.

Also, Google has been updating its search engine algorithms to reward web pages that are friendly to mobile devices.

Hari Menon Digital not only leads in SEO services but also leads in designing mobile-friendly and responsive websites.

We always have a full pipeline of projects involving web development and design since we started serving our SEO clients in Melbourne.

This positions us as the most reliable agency to create mobile-friendly SEO strategies to assist your site generate more leads.

  1. We Have the Much Needed Expertise in SEO

Most agencies and in-house SEO service providers face the challenge of lacking enough talent to carry out a competent and comprehensive SEO campaign.

Like mentioned earlier, our service combines website development, website design and SEO services. This has made it possible to nurture experienced staff in all important areas including:

  1. Editors and copywriters – Our company produces web content for website projects and SEO campaigns. This has given our dedicated in-house editors and copywriters unmatched experience in all conceivable marketing objectives and business styles.
  2. Web designers – Our in-house web designers have the much needed expertise and knowledge in all aspects of optimizing conversion rates, user experience, and designing mobile-friendly sites. This way, our clients can get custom landing pages and web pages that can convert more web traffic into customers.
  • Back-end and front end website developers– These web developers are crucial for making critical SEO updates to our clients’ websites.

If you are searching for the most reliable and effective SEO service in Melbourne, contact us today through 1300 783 202 or request for a free quote online.